Founded in 1984, the New Orleans Theatre Association (NOTA) is now the leading local presenter of touring Broadway productions and other performing presentations in the New Orleans area. NOTA works together with producers and promoters to present first-class cultural offerings, and in doing so, ensures the citizens of the New Orleans and the Gulf South the opportunity to experience the very finest in the performing-arts entertainment.

100% of revenues generated by NOTA activities are channeled back into the  local community in the form of grants and other support for a wide variety of qualified cultural, educational, and arts-based organizations and events. Our aim is to promote and develop skills and abilities in the fields of music, dance, theatre, and all related arts.


The New Orleans Theater Association (NOTA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to provide support for artistic performances, as well as visual-arts and performing-arts-related services from annual revenue derived from the Broadway Series it presents at the Saenger Theatre.

NOTA will consider funding or contributing to programs in the metropolitan New Orleans community that focus on any aspect of the theatrical arts, which we define broadly. Eligible projects might include panel discussions, a lecture or lecture series, workshops for the general public or special interest groups (such as young people, or professional training for members of the local theater community, for example), and event participants including festival or convention attendees. Funding for theatrical events in area High Schools demonstrating particular need is of special interest to NOTA.

The total amount available for distribution will vary from year to year based on proceeds of the annual Broadway Series at the Saenger Theatre. In recent years NOTA has awarded between 10 and 15 grants annually. Most grants tend to be in the $5,000 to $15,000 range, but there is no preset minimum or maximum amount for an award. NOTA will strongly favor grants to organizations which match our funding with their own.

NOTA board members will make decisions based on applications received through the process outlined below. Evaluation of selection procedures and initial project results will inform decisions about future programs. Innovative, nontraditional, and inter-disciplinary projects are encouraged.