About Us

NOTA is a 501(c)(3)organization. Our mission is to provide grants and other services to support cultural, educational, and arts-based organizations, and to promote and develop skills and abilities in all fields related to the performing arts, including music, dance, theatre, creative writing, and stagecraft.

Our support focuses on a broad scope of arts-related initiatives. Eligible projects may include:

  • Panel discussions, lectures, workshops for the general public or other groups;
  • educational training for young people and members of the local theatre community;
  • direct funding for theatrical performances by qualifying organizations;
  • funding for musical equipment, costuming, and other production needs; and
  • other cultural areas or projects of special interest to NOTA.

Grant distribution budgets vary from year to year based on the decision of the Board of Directors. NOTA typically awards between 20 and 30 grants per year. Since 2011 NOTA has distributed grants totaling just under $2,000,000. Most average in the $10,000 – $15,000 range, although there is no preset maximum amount for an award and no minimum.

We strongly favor grants to organizations which match our funding with their own.The NOTA Board of Directors awards grants based on the process outlined in our grant application. We encourage innovative, nontraditional, and interdisciplinary projects.